FALL RIVER: The Fall River Animal Hospital held an open house to welcome the community to meet it’s new owner, Dr. Ainsley Davidson-Rowe, who took ownership in July.

If the wagging tails and huge smiles were any indication, the event was a huge success. Dr. Davidson Rowe, has been an doctor at the hospital for over 12 years.

She purchased the hospital this summer from doctors Brian Coxhead and Sarah Bowers, and had been planning the open house/client appreciation event for months.

At the open house, two cats from Spay Day HRM were very popular attraction during Fall River Animal Hospital’s open house.

There were many fun activities taking place during the day Oct. 5. (Healey photo)

Patrick the ginger kitten gets some pets from an awe-struck Olivia Spears of Fall River during the Fall River Animal Hospital’s open house on Oct. 5.

Spay Day HRM had Patrick and Winnie on hand for showing and both were up for adoption.

The two were adopted to their furever homes after the event. (Healey photo)

“I’m so proud of our hospital and staff and very thankful for our loyal clients and patients. I wanted to find a way to say thank you,” said Dr. Davidson-Rowe. “I think the kittens, reptiles, cake and prizes were the highlights, but I was most surprised to hear the comments about how much people learned from our educational displays.”

Alyx with her mom, Dr. Anthony-McCulloch does pretend surgery on a stuffed animal. (Submitted photo)

The Fall River Animal Hospital didn’t just go to the cats on Oct. 5 at its open house, but also the dogs. (Healey photo)

Winnie the kitten gets some love from Olivia Spears of Fall River during the open house on Oct. 5 at Fall River Animal Hospital.

Winnie, along with brother Patrick, both eight-weeks-old, were up for adoption from Spay Day HRM at the event.

Both were adopted to their furever home at the end of the day. There was many events and activities and tours of the facility.

(Healey photo)

Dr. Davidson-Rowe. (Submitted photo)