FALL RIVER: Getting waterfront access for residents of Fall River is a project the local councillor has top of his agenda for this coming summer.

Councillor Steve Streatch said the waterfront access will be gained to the back of the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre onto Lake Thomas, something that was started when Councillor Barry Dalrymple was councillor.

“We’re moving forward with getting waterfront access and a dock project here in Fall River,” said Streatch. “Funding is currently being considered. A community group has been consulting with staff on this.”

Streatch said in the near future he was to meet with staff with the Department of Parks and Recreation to begin working on the scope of the project.

“This will allow us to see the best way to proceed,” he said.

The waterfront access/dock project was one of three priorities as chosen by residents in the community in 2015 to spend leftover Fall River/Fletchers Lake sidewalk funds. The other two projects that were selected based on community input from a volunteer board included assisting Dragons football with the construction of their mutli-sport field on High Road; and supporting SWEPS trails in the Blue Hill Road area.

He said getting waterfront access for Fall River residents will be a “great opportunity.”

“As we know there are very few public water access points within the Fall River area, and we have a great asset in our waterways,” said Streatch. “We want to make sure citizens and the community have proper access that is safe and is installed in such a way that it is accessible for all residents.”