Firefighters bunker gear and helmets hang. (Healey file photo)

BEAVER BANK: Fire investigators have been unable to determine the cause of a large garage fire on Pine Brook Drive in Beaver Bank on April 19.

Fire crews were dispatched to the scene at 8:56 p.m. with the last crew returning from the scene at 1 a.m.

In the fire investigators report, it details that the fire involved an accessory building and there were no injuries.

“The ignition source was undetermined,” said the fire summary. “The area of origin was determined to be a garage. The cause of this fire is classified as undetermined.”

Thirty-six firefighters from Sackville; Waverley; Fall River; Wellington; Hammonds Plains; and Beaver Bank responded to the scene.

“There were three extra tankers called because of distance to the water supply,” said Gord West with HRM Fire.