Feds help Carpentry College obtain more scaffolding equipment for training

(Healey photo)

MIDDLE SACKVILLE: Under overcast skies, Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook MP Darrell Samson provided some sunshine to the Millwright Carpentry College in Middle Sackville on May 22.

Samson, the Liberal representative for the riding in Ottawa, announced $207, 625 to the Atlantic Canada Regional Council. He made the presentation on behalf of Patty Hajdu for the Union Training and Innovation Program.

The federal investment will assist the United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ Canadian Scaffolding Program and will enhance their training methods as well as the investment in tools and equipment which will allow their scaffolding program to flourish.

Len Bryden, Executive Director of Training and Programs with the Millwright Carpentry College, explains to MP Darrell Samson what students do at the facility as part of their trades career learning. Samson announced a more than $200k investment from the federal government. (Healey photo)

Before making the presentation as students worked nearby, Samson heard a little about what the college does from Brad Smith and Len Bryden inside the facility, located at 1000 Sackville Drive. Smith is the Executive Director for the Mainland N.S. Building & Construction Trades Council, while Bryden is Executive Director of Training and Programs.

Samson inquired where the biggest growth in trades jobs is in the Atlantic Provinces.

“It is relevantly proportional,” said Smith. “Newfoundland went through a slowdown but it’s picking up again with some projects.

“Overall, I think it’s safe to say there are pockets of strengths and weaknesses in Atlantic Canada.”

Smith said it appears the industry is on the rebound in the Atlantic region, with N.B. and NL leading the charge.