BEAVER BANK: A staple in North Upper Beaver Bank will close for the final time on July 11, leaving a huge void for residents who live in the community, with the local MLA calling its closure a “devastating loss.”

The Beaver Bank Kwik Way and Wilson’s, which many knew as Hartlen’s Esso/Wilson’s, will shutter its doors as a result of not having enough customers to make it viable, the owner said.

Gennadiy Shcherbin, who owns and operates the store and Wilson’s Gas Station, said many reasons factored into the final decision to close the store, including the current state of the Beaver Bank Road/Highway 354. He took over from the Hartlen Family in mid-2015.

“The bad condition of the road for a long time kills people coming over this way,” he said.

“They go around. That means there are not enough customers for this place.”

When the doors close, it will be an end to a store that many online are saddened to hear will be closing.

“It’s been here for almost 30 years as a successful business,” Shcherbin said. “It will be a major loss.”

The store was different than others like it as it offered a place for residents to purchase furnace oil when they needed it quickly.

“This place was unique because it sells furnace oil,” he said. “Now I have no idea where people will go and buy furnace oil.”

On the Facebook page Beaver Bank Post, Terri Gale commented that the closure of the store sucks.

“A lot of people used that station to purchase furnace oil, including myself when funds were tight,” Gale wrote. “It will definitely be missed. Maybe someone else will take it over. It’s always been very busy.”

Bill Horne, who represents Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank, was saddened by the news of the closure. He said he had been aware that they were having a rough time.

“I think it’s a devastating loss for the people who use the convenience store and gas station,” said Horne. “It’s also devastating for the people who use furnace oil and get it there in the winter time. I don’t know where else they can get that at.

“We had heard from the community rumours that this might be happening.”

Shcherbin said at the end of the day, it wasn’t making sense to keep the store open, and thus the decision was made to close. As of July 11, it would be completely closed.

“It’s been stressing and a tough decision,” he said. “There weren’t enough customers.”
Beaver Bank Councillor Brad Johns is very disappointed to hear the news of their closing.

“They have been a long time Beaver Bank business, providing service to the residents of North Beaver Bank for years,” said Johns on July 8. “I’m sure residents of the area will certainly miss them. It’s very unfortunate.”