LHS Brain Wars team nabs third place

FALL RIVER: Three students at Lockview High showed that sometimes having less players than needed isn’t a disadvantage.

Grade 12 students at the Fall River school Nick Durling; Ben Renouf; and Nolan Bodnar recently brought home a third place finish from the Brain Wars competition.

Renouf said he was pleased with the finish by the team.

“I thought we did quite well,” said Renouf. “I decided to enter more so so we could go enjoy ourselves and have fun.”

Durling said Brain Wars is a competition between schools that’s goal is to finish multiple different activities that challenge the typical way of thinking.

Most of the teams at the competition had four team members, while Lockview’s entry had just three.

“I was really happy with how we performed given there were many teams there and we only had three members,” Renouf said.

Durling wished his team had a fourth member, but getting third with three is quite an accomplishment.

“Coming home with any award is an accompli9shment, especially when it shows the academic side of our school,” he said.

Going in, Renouf had low expectations for a top result.

“I thought we would hold our own, but we didn’t know how we would do or how many teams from other schools would come,” said Renouf.