FALL RIVER: It’s never too early to begin thinking of what your New Year’s Resolutions might be.

Whether you want to stay fit by doing Yoga or zumba with Jessika Stryniak; need to fix those sore spots; do some strength circuits; or more, it’s all under one roof at Kinetesis Spine and Joint on Fall River Road, through the services of locally owned and operated entrepreneurial businesses.

Deborah Hann, with Journey to Wellness, said for people looking at making resolutions and how to keep them, there is something to keep in mind that will help you do just that.

“Find a fitness class, personal trainer, or a friend that will help keep you accountable,” said Hann. “Accountability is 95 per cent of it. If you’re not being held accountable, it’s more likely that after the initial motivation of the New Year wears off, and you don’t have anyone holding you to account it’s going to fizzle out.

“If you have a friend that’s going to do it with you you’re going to be that much more likely to stick with it and get over that initial hump at the end of January when everyone disappears.”

Jo-Anne Cusack, Yoga instructor, said people need to understand what they want when making resolutions.

“They need to focus on how they will feel, find something that suits them,” she said. “They all provide good benefits. There’s a challenge with each.

“We all want people to work to their abilities. Start out easy and progress week by week. Try not to go too big to fast.”

Dr. Nick Stryniak said having a New Year’s resolution provides a good opportunity to reset and get fresh motivation.

“Obviously, it be ideal if we had that motivation year-round, but the reality is things come up and life gets busy,” he said.

The three, along with two other entrepreneurs—Sheila Lane and Emily Michelussi—are looking to help residents realize they can do all of this in their own backyard and not have to travel 20 or 30 minutes into Halifax.

“I think it’s important to remember we do have these offerings right here in Fall River,” said Cusack. “There’s things we have to offer here. You can do three yoga classes, strength circuits, a couple of boot camps, and zumba. What more could you want? It is right here.”