Criteria still not met for Majestic Avenue crosswalk

Beaver Bank councillor plans to speak with STOCK Transportation about possible solution

BEAVER BANK: As much as the councillor for Beaver Bank would like for a crosswalk to be installed near Majestic Avenue, data from HRM Traffic continues to show it does not meet the criteria for one.

Despite this Lisa Blackburn, the HRM representative for Upper/Middle Sackville-Beaver Bank-Lucasville, intends to push on and work to see if there is a solution to the issue. Even if that means discussing with STOCK Transportation about bringing a bus down Colville Court where at least a dozen children live. They have to walk across the busy Beaver Bank Road to get to Beaver Bank-Monarch Drive School.

“The last I heard from HRM Traffic there was an analysis done in 2014, and at that time there wasn’t enough traffic to support it,” said Blackburn. “They are also iffy on putting in crosswalks where there’s only one sidewalk on one side of the road.

“My argument for that would be that there’s a bus stop that’s directly across from Majestic Avenue. I would like for them to take another look at that.”

She feels that needs to have another look because of the issue at Colville Court and Sidhu where kids have to walk along the side of Beaver Bank Road that doesn’t have a sidewalk.

“I know the residents of Colville Court are quite concerned about that,” she said. “In the winter time it’s even more dangerous because if the snow isn’t pushed enough to the side, the kids are practically walking on the road and when you have traffic zipping by there at 70 kilometres an hour it’s not a safe situation at all.”

Blackburn said there could be a little element of safety if the speed is reduced in the area, but not much of one.

She said she plans to speak with STOCK Transportation in the near future.

“I would like to press STOCK Transportation to have a bus that would go right into Colville Court,” she said. “I think there is enough children who live on that street now to support having a school bus. In the next two to three years we’re probably going to have about a dozen school-age children.

“I think that definitely supports having a school bus come up in there.”