From the Firehouse

WAVERLEY: Beginning with this month’s issue of The Laker (and on our website), we will be providing a column of monthly fire calls that Zone 4 HRM volunteer fire departments in Beaver Bank (Station 48); Wellington (Station 42); Goffs (Station 47); Grand Lake (Station 43); and Fall River (Station 45) responded too, as provided to us.

This first column will showcase calls for the first two months—January and February 2017.

Station 41 had nine calls in January, including three cancelled on scene calls and two motor vehicle collision calls. There were also one investigation; one CO alarm activated; one cancelled call while they were responding; and one service not required call.

Meanwhile in February, they had 13 fire calls, led by four motor vehicle collisions. They also had three medical assists – ambulance; three cancelled on scene calls; and one each of cancelled calls while responding; medical assist; and a vehicle fire.

For Station 47, they had 12 requests in January for service led by four motor vehicle collisions and two cancelled on scene calls. They also had one non-HRM incident request; one cancelled on route; one structure contents only fire; one electrical fire; one medical assist; and one recall to a fire scene.

In February, they had 12 calls, with three of those being motor vehicle collision calls. The volunteers also responded to one medical assist; one industrial accident; were cancelled on route once; arrived at a call and were cancelled once; twice were cancelled before they responded; had two services not required call and one detector/sprinkler activated response.

Station 42 had 10 calls during the first two months, including three medical assists. They also had two chimney/woodstove fires; two cancelled on scene calls; one motor vehicle collision; one fire investigation; and one garbage/debris fire.

Firefighters had a light February with just six calls—four of them were medical assists. They also had one CO Alarm activation and one cancelled upon arrival call.

For Station 43 in Grand Lake, they didn’t have any calls in January. In February, Station 43 had one call- a motor vehicle collision.

Station 48 responded to 14 calls for service, led by four medical assist calls and two motor vehicle collisions. The other calls consisted of two medical assist-ambulance; one service not required; one cancelled before response; one illegal burn call; one utility pole fire; one false alarm; and one chimney/woodstove fire.

In February, they had seven calls, with three being medical assists and three more being false alarms. They also had one cancelled on scene call.

For Station 45, they were toned out 21 times in the first month of 2017, with 12 of those being medical assistance calls. They also had two outside burning complaint calls; and one each of services not required; call cancelled before dispatch; cancelled while responding; cancelled on scene; brush, grass or forest fire; vehicle fire; and motor vehicle collision.

The second month of 2017 saw them respond to 18 calls, led by eight medical assistance requests. There were also four motor vehicle collision calls; two calls not named; two smoke/odor investigations; one services not required; and one cancelled on scene call.

Station 45 is a career station Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.