LETTER: A Smile Day for Pat scheduled for May 26

To the Editor:

Pat Healey, our local Laker and Weekly Press reporter for many years has always been much more than that.  Pat has been a tremendous community supporter, a friend to all, a volunteer with so many area groups, and a dedicated reporter who we have come to depend on for our own area news in many forms.

Over the years Pat has also championed and assisted in many great causes for people, families and groups in need and right now it is Pat himself who needs a helping hand. Pat very much needs expensive dental surgery and does not have the coverage nor the funds to cover the costs. Pat still needs more than $7,000 to pay the total costs.

A few of us who found out about this have decided this is a great cause and person for our communities (like we have done many times before) to help out.

We have decided to hold a fund raiser for Pat and we are hoping to be able to raise the $7,000-plus he needs, so we are going to hold “A Smile Day for Pat” at the LWF Community Hall on Saturday, May 26  from 4-8 p.m.

We will release much more detail in the next month in many forms including our local Laker but it will be a family type food event with pulled pork dinners including baked beans and more plus specialty hot dogs and burgers.

There will be a Silent Auction and listening music throughout along with prizes and draws – it will be a fun and entertaining event where our communities can stop by, enjoy, have fun and most importantly help Pat in any way you can.

Already local groups like the LWF Community Hall, LWF  Ratepayers Association, Minor Baseball & Lions Club are all in to help out and you can to.

If you would like to help by volunteering in the kitchen, tables, tickets, cleaning up etc or if you can obtain auction items and help spread the word feel free to email Barry Dalrymple at  lwfbaseball@hotmail.com  I will arrange pick up of auction items and make lists of voluntary workers for the event.

Together lets put a huge smile on Pats face on May 26 – A Smile Day for Pat.

Warmest regards, Barry Dalrymple.