Lower speed limit extended to Holland Road

The new speed limit is 60 km/h on Hwy 2 from Holland Road towards the Sobeys in Fall River. (Healey photo)

FLETCHERS LAKE: Motorists along Highway 2 in Fall River and Fletchers Lake will have to ease off the gas for just a bit longer.

Recently, the speed limit of 60 kilometres/hour which was installed along Hwy 2 up to just past Coach Avenue was extended to continue on-wards to just past Holland Road in Fletchers Lake. It was installed in late September.

The previous speed limit turned to 70 kilometres/hour just past Coach Ave., which is the entrance to Schwarzwald subdivision.

The most recent extension was done by Halifax Traffic Authority after eharing concerns from local residents through Councillor Steve Streatch. The former had been put in place by HRM as they prepare to install crosswalk lights at Coach Ave. and Fletcher Drive.

“Over the last few months many people have reached out to me and I have been in discussions with staff and the traffic authority,” said Streatch. “Approval was given a few weeks back and the new signs should be up now.”

He said the the issue was raised by many concerned about the speed along there, and the accidents that have taken place.

“It is also a good extension of the speed reduction just prior to there, by the new crosswalk,” he said. “My hope is people will obey the law and slow down, offering greater public safety.”