Maggie Andrew releases Sleep 4 Ever debut single

SQUAMISH, B.C..: A dream is about to become reality for a musician who used to call Waverley home.

Maggie Andrew, a Lockview High alum who now resides in western Canada, is set for her new song to hit the online airwaves. She has travelled back and forth between California and Canada for the past year finding inspiration for new music.

Andrew’s debut single, Sleep 4 Ever, is about to be released nationally at 1 a.m. on July 11, 9 p.m. Pacific time.

“I put my heart and soul into my music and gave up so much to have a shot at turning this into my reality and now music is what’s saving my life,” said Andrew in an interview. “This is my dream and what I’ve wanted to do since forever, so officially I’m really putting myself out there and really doing this thing.”

Because it’s her first official release she is looking for the support of her friends and former community neighbours to share the link to Sleep 4 Ever when it becomes available.

“I worked so hard on all of these records I have on the way and this is just the start to something amazing,” she said. “Once the song drops, if you can give me your support or show me some love I would appreciate that so much more than anything.

She wants people to “bump” the frig out of it.

“It’s about to be LIT,” said Andrew. “This one’s gonna be big, but without people like you this wouldn’t be possible.”