FALL RIVER: The pedestrian bridge at the site of the Fall River Bridge is for just that, pedestrians and no motorized vehicles such as motorcycles and mopeds.

After receiving numerous reports during a two-day span of upwards of six to eight motorcycles being driven across the pedestrian bridge, HRM went to extra lengths to install signs indicating motorized vehicles are not allowed to cross. Cyclists are allowed as are those who get around with the use of a motorized scooter.

Brendan Elliott is senior communications spokesman with HRM. He said there have been incidents of motorized vehicles using the bridge.

“That’s not allowed,” said Elliott on July 21. “We’re going to be putting signs up on either side of the pedestrian bridge to let people know that is not okay to do.”

The signs were in place by mid-afternoon on July 21 indicating the pedestrian bridge was just for those walking or cycling.

Elliott said they need to think of the pedestrian bridge, essentially, as a sidewalk.

“The rules that govern sidewalks will be used when it comes to this pedestrian bridge,” he said. “If you think you would drive your motorcycle down a sidewalk, well we don’t see that very often and there’s a reason for that.

“Pedestrians are the fundamental focus of those sidewalks and it can be dangerous when they’re competing with two-wheeled, heavy vehicles.”

He said the message they’re trying to get across is that you can’t get off your motorcycle or moped and walk them across.

“We’re just not allowing it,” said Elliott. “We want residents to think of it as an extension of a sidewalk.

“I know it’s a pain and everyone recognizes this whole bridge replacement is not ideal, but we have to follow the rules of the road and we want to keep people safe.”

Elliott is hopeful HRM doesn’t have to go to the next step with enforcement for something that is common sense.

“We’re going to use education first,” said Elliott. “We’re going to make sure that people understand they’re not allowed to. We will enforce if that is necessary, but that would not be our desire.”