OPINION: Slimy politics rears its head


It seems like the anti-Justin Trudeau crowd (namely federal Conservative supporters) are trying to make something out of nothing over allegations in a newspaper editorial from 18 years ago that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau groped a female reporter in B.C.

It seems that editorial has begun circulating again on social media, with the anti-Trudeau folks latching themselves and their hopes of showing the PM in a bad light, while trying to push their guy Andrew Scheer into the top dogs seat.

That female reporter has again and again told media, as CBC News reported when they aired the story on Canada Day weekend, that she would like to not be associated with any further coverage of the story from two decades ago, before Trudeau’s political career began. She even asked for her name to not be used and that she not be contacted again.

It all stems from an unsigned editorial that appeared in the Creston Valley Advance after the event accusing Trudeau of “groping” and “inappropriately handling” the female reporter. It did not provide any further details about what took place.

In the CBC story online, the former publisher of the paper is quoted as saying it was a “brief touch” and they would not classify it as sexual assault.

So why is it being latched on to, and why is the past—a past this woman had likely moved on from only to have it dredged back up in the past weeks and months to score points and what appears to be a smear attempt on Trudeau.

As twitter poster Laurie (@cndnsheepdog) said “The woman who reported has stated she does not want to talk about it. This is a neon sign for people to stop dredging it up.” And I agree 1000 per cent.

It’s too bad those who are Conservatives or are on the anti-Trudeau bandwagon aren’t in the same boat. They’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.

The woman’s wishes should be followed. By all involved, and Trudeau is doing that by limiting his comments on the topic. At least he’s showing the woman some respect.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the others, including the media covering this.