BEAVER BANK: RCMP have some advice for residents after a number of break-and-enters, attempted break-and-enters, and suspicious person incidents in the Beaver Bank area.

While Halifax District RCMP have only had one report of a break-and-enter incident, posts on the facebook page “Beaver Bank Community Watch” indicate there were a group of suspicious men in the area and a couple of attempted break-and-enters that may have been stopped by the homeowners answering their doors.

Cpl. Jennifer Clarke, spokeswoman with Nova Scotia RCMP, said break-and-enters are crimes of opportunity. She had a message to residents to help alleviate these from happening to them.

“Ensure that when you go to bed for the night, that your house and vehicles are secure,” said Cpl. Clarke. “Consider simple things like security lighting around your home to discourage would-be thieves. Please take note of suspicious vehicles in your area and report suspicious activity to police.”

She encouraged people—not just in Beaver Bank but of other areas of the Fall River/Waverley region—to call the RCMP non emergency line at 902-490-5020 if they spot suspicious activity.

“Please provide as much detail as you can about any suspicious people or vehicles in your neighborhood,” she said.

Incidents mentioned on the facebook page as happening in the Greenforest Subdivision, Lakeland Street, Beaver Bank Road, and Mayflower Drive areas of Beaver Bank.

Cpl. Clarke said if there have been other incidents in the community police are unaware of them so she encourages those residents to contact them. Right now, it’s unknown as to how many suspects are involved in the lone incident that has been reported to police.

“If you make it hard for thieves to steal from you, they will move on to the next opportunity,” said Cpl. Clarke.