Streatch feels HRM owning McDonald Sports Park best bet

WAVERLEY: The local councillor feels the best bet for long-term success of McDonald Sports Park is for HRM to take it over.

Steve Streatch said the park is on provincially owned land, it is offering services HRM recreation does. He pointed out a meeting he had with a representative from the Waverley Amateur Athletic Association (WAAA) volunteer board on May 18.

“As you may know that is a provincial park, albeit providing HRM mandated services as it relates to recreation,” he said. “It makes it very difficult when that land is owned by the province and the mandate that is being asked to fulfill is municipal.

“We’re looking at options. Those could include a long-term lease, a trade with the province, or an outright purchase.”

He believes there’s one option that would make the most sense.

“I believe that park, for its long-term success, should be with the municipality and we, as the level of government providing recreation, should be doing so at that location,” said Streatch.