Streatch reports progress on dock project

FALL RIVER: HRM Parks and Recreation have met with the local councillor to continue discussions on the proposed dock project to be constructed behind the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre.

Steve Streatch said Margaret Soley from HRM and two of her staff members met with him at the location.

“We went down and toured the route that is proposed for the new dock and water access point HRM will be installing this season,” he said. “My understanding is that construction should start around the first of July and be complete by early fall.

“The intent is to have a floating dock and also the opportunity for non-motorized water vehicles like paddleboats or kayaks. It will be a personal recreation access point.”

He believes it will be welcomed with open arms by the community.

“As far as funding for this, we’re fortunate that a previous decision of council (before I became the councillor) awarded just under $30,000 that was left as it relates to an old sidewalk fund in Fall River/Fletchers Lake, and HRM stepped up with another $30,000 in the budget for this year. I as well am prepared to commit out of the councillors capital fund to top it up and make sure we have a project that the community can be proud of.”