by Joni Snair, Founder/Physiotherapist, Safe at Home Physiotherapy

Times are tough. It’s been over a year since Covid shut down our province. The vaccine roll out is ongoing but there’s still so many questions unanswered. What is clear, people want to get back to some sort of normal life and that’s where I come in!

I started Safe at Home Physiotherapy out of necessity. Covid shut the world down and I was home with two young kids, unable to work at my full time job at a nursing home in Halifax. I dreamt about starting a business in the area I grew up, and figured, why not now?

Safe at Home Physiotherapy offers physiotherapy in the comforts of your own home. The convenience of not having to get to another appointment is great for seniors who want to keep their circles small. You’ll come in contact with just one person, instead of a waiting room full of people.

Instead of traveling the World, you are now are home, not going out, limiting your social circles to your most important people. You are no longer attending community programs such as exercise classes or even your weekly bridge club. You may be keeping busy with household projects. But most of us are moving less. And with less movement, comes the aches and pains.

Safe at Home Physiotherapy wants to get you back to spending time with your favourite people. It’s not what your physiotherapist thinks is most important, but what truly gets YOU out of bed in the morning.

Is that getting down on the floor to play with your grandkids or taking them to the playground? Maybe that’s spending time with your spouse feeling the sun on your face? Planting your garden? Walking the whole golf course without pain? Volunteering? Taking your dog for a walk? What’s your reason?

Over the past 15 years as a physiotherapist, I’ve worked with adults, children and the elderly in private clinics, hospitals, home care and nursing homes treating people with neck, shoulder, and knee pain; arthritis, tendonitis, stroke and Parkinson disease; people worried about their balance or recovering from an illness or injury and even palliative care clients.

The common theme with all these people is they wanted to do the things that matter the most to them and spend quality time with the people most important to them.

Are you ready? Call and let’s talk and don’t forget to ask about our Spring Special!

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