Digital air platform Airble launches charter flight marketplace

From a press release

HALIFAX AIRPORT: The Uber of Canadian airspace has launched–and is available from Halifax Stanfield Airport, according to the company.

Airble Aviation Inc., a Vancouver based aviation technology company, has recently launched an online marketplace for charter flights, air tours and empty legs.

With 33 aircraft currently on its platform, it gives users access to over 300 airports in British Columbia, including paved and unpaved runways, water aerodromes and helipads.

The company in a phone conversation said there is a Airble charter flight operator in the Halifax region for those wishing to utilize its service.


In addition to charter flights and empty leg deals, it’s also home to several air tour experiences on a variety of aircraft,
capable of picking passengers up from nearly any location in the province.

On a mission to modernize the world of charter aviation, Airble is intent on solving many problems. Their remedy is a simple and easy to use, live marketplace model that works just like the modern digital transportation solutions we have come to love.

With their user-friendly interface, flight options and real time pricing you can book instantly without an intermediary, or back-and-forth phone calls or emails.

With far fewer touchpoints than the traditional model, passengers now have the option for total travel flexibility, skipping long check-in and security lineups, and in many cases the option to travel with their pets, as long as it’s allowed by the air operator.

The company’s CEO and an experienced pilot himself, Saeed Golzar, first had the idea when he was looking for ways to explore the stunning backyard of BC and found no easy ways to get flights to remote locations, nor a centralized place to find and book aviation tours.

Along his journey to build the platform, two other motivating factors became apparent- the potential support of local tourism Airble could facilitate, and the opportunity to support the many small family owned businesses that own and
operate aircraft.

“While talking to smaller air operators, we heard that in general, there is a lack of technology to facilitate their business. There are actually hundreds of airlines in Canada, but people only think of Air Canada, WestJet, etc. Our job is to
let the community know there are so many operators who can access smaller airports closer to you.”

For passengers who want to charter a flight or air tour, the process is now much easier.

Simply go to the Airble website or download the mobile application, choose your departure and arrival locations, the time and date you want to fly, and select from the available aircraft. Input the relevant passenger information, and book and
pay within minutes.

You will then receive confirmation emails, and the pilot will begin preparing for your flight, whether today or six months from now.

To learn more about the platform, visit or download the Airble app in the App Store or Google Play Store.