The ribbon is cut to officially open the campaign HQ for Liberal candidate--and incumbent--Bill Horne on May 8. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: The message Liberal candidate and incumbent Bill Horne had for his campaign volunteers May 8 was one that sunk in for many in attendance.

“Go have fun during the campaign,” Horne said as he spoke before officially opening his campaign headquarters for the May 30 provincial election, located in the former Fall River Guardian building on Fall River Road. “Do the best you can.”

Liberal candidate and incumbent Bill Horne speaks at his campaign HQ opening on May 8. (Healey photo)

Horne was even a tad late to his own campaign HQ opening. Why? Because he was running house to house along a nearby subdivision campaigning, talking to residents about why they should chose him when they vote on May 30.

Close to 25 people turned up for the one hour-plus supper time event, which included a ribbon cutting by Horne, Marni Tuttle, and Barry Dalrymple along with team members and supporters who stopped by.

Horne is being challenged for the riding of Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank by NDP candidate Trevor Sanipass; Dan McNaughton of the PC’s; and the Green Party’s Anthony Edmonds.