Stickland vying for MP Darrell Samson’s seat in Oct. federal election

Name:Matt Stickland

Community: Live in Lawrencetown, running in Sackville Preston Chezzetcook

Family: I have been married for four years; my wife and I have a son, who’s just starting to master walking.

Profession: I was in the Navy for 10 and a half years serving on Frigates and then in Submarines as a Naval Officer. I deployed to Libya with HMCS Charlottetown and on an OP CARRIBE with HMCS Victoria. Injuries sustained during my deployments led to me being medically released from the Canadian Forces in June 2018.

Matt Stickland is the NDP candidate for Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook.

Why are you running?

I had the benefit of receiving support from Peter Stoffer. In the process of being medically released from the military, I needed help, but my requests were being ignored. Even though he was no longer an MP he made sure I got the help I needed.

Our riding has missed his strong voice in Ottawa on behalf of veterans across Canada. I want to bring back to our communities that strong voice, open door and hard work for our families that has been missing for the past four years. As a new father, I am well aware of the challenges our families face – access to affordable healthcare is getting more difficult, wages are stagnant, and the earth is getting hotter. I find it infuriating when politicians promise whatever people want in order to get elected and then fail to deliver when they get to Ottawa.

We deserve better leadership. I’ve spent the last 10 years fighting institutions that ignore the average person in order to improve the lives of sailors. It’s the type of experience that we need to send to Ottawa. It’s that experience that will make sure that we have a voice in Ottawa, not a mouthpiece for Ottawa in the riding.

What do you see as the top issue in your riding?

The biggest issue in the riding is healthcare. No matter where I am knocking on doors, the thing that people want to talk about most is healthcare. The NDP wants to make sure everyone has access to the drugs they need by making Pharmacare a reality in Canada. Whether in government or opposition, a strong MP can fight for the issues that matter. Federal transfer payments for health and development are based on population. But a population number doesn’t adequately predict the needs of the people in the province. Transfer payments should be based on demographics. A province like Nova Scotia with a lot of seniors and should get a transfer payment that is realistically capable of meeting the healthcare needs of the province.

And overall people are worried because the money they bring home doesn’t go as far as it used to even 10 years ago.

Do you have a hidden talent?

Mole sauce. I had it once and loved it so much I had to learn how to make it. I’m pretty good in the kitchen but I found reducing chocolate and chillies too challenging, so I practised. A lot. The good news is that by the time I started dating my wife I was very good at the sauce. I made it for her on one of our first dates. When she ate it she sighed deeply, looked dejectedly down at her plate and said: “I’m way more impressed than I thought I’d be.”

What is your hope for your riding?

My hope for the riding is that life gets better. I know that there’s a tough road ahead, but I want to make sure people have access to the social programs and services they need. I want people to trust that I’m fighting for them in Ottawa, and will help them when they need it so that they can focus on the important stuff: Enjoying the outdoors, spending time with friends and family, or taking their dog for a walk.

How to contact you?

902-593-0845 (@landofsticks) (@landofsticks)