Janice Landry’s latest book, “Silver Linings”, details uplifting stories

FALL RIVER: The latest writing from Halifax author Janice Landry is all about life’s “Silver Linings.”

Landry’s recent release, from Pottersfield Press, details stories of gratitude and resiliency from the 15 inspiring Canadians from five provinces and two special guests from south of the border who are featured in the book. She asks them each “what are you grateful for/”

One of the 17 that Landry, a CTV Live at 5 alum, spoke to was Dr. Bob Emmons, considered to be the world’s pre-eminent expert in the study of gratitude.

Getting the chance to interview him was a highlight in writing the book for Landry.

“We have everyday citizens in the book, but there are also experts like Dr. Emmons in it that talk about the scientific background of gratitude and how it can help us,” she said. “Having him in the book is a really feather in my cap. I believe what he tells readers is really essential.”

Landry’s own gratitude practice took a hit when both her mother and a close friend, assisted-death advocate Audrey Parker, died within weeks of one another while she was writing “Silver Linings.”

Gratitude and resiliency are key cornerstones in the field of mental health. Science-based evidence, discussed by Dr. Emmons and others, underlines the importance of developing and practising gratitude. Research proves being grateful is good for us, both mentally and physically. Gratitude can improve our resiliency before challenges occur in our lives, which they inevitably do.

“I set out to write a book about gratitude, and then during the course of working on the book both my mom, Theresa Landry and my friend Audrey Parker, died,” said Landry sitting inside the cozy feeling Good Day Cafe. “It was like the universe was saying “oh you want to write a book on gratitude do you, well we’ll throw you a major curve-ball and these two people you love dearly are going to pass away in the middle of the writing process.” That was really tough.

“The silver lining in it for me, which I never knew when I set out to do the book, I did the interviews while mom and Audrey were living, but I had to finish it up and editing after they had died. The benefit I had was I read and re-read these beautiful uplifting stories over and over again while I was finishing the book.”

She said hearing the gratitude stories from others helped her in her healing process.

“It helped me in a moment of deep grieve,” said Landry.

The people featured in Silver Linings discovered that gifts may actually emerge from life’s toughest challenges. And that’s what makes it a great read to pickup.

“Silver Linings” is available at most bookstores and online retailers such as Coles, Amazon, and Indigo, just to name a few.

For more information on her writings checkout Landry’s website, www.janicelandry.ca.