MAIN PHOTO: Julianno Scaglione is the owner of My Own Path, Health and Wellness Inc., a new business in Fall River. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: As you walk inside what looks like a garage, you get the sense of a functional and positive training environment that is designed to meet the needs of each individual.

My Own Path, Health and Wellness Inc. allows its clients the privacy to train the way they want with no worry of any judgment. It builds programs that meet specific individual needs and ensures a functional and positive training experience.

The primary mission is to prepare those who would like to serve in the military through functional pre-basic training programs. Secondary for veterans they provide an exclusive place to train with someone that understands you and wants to help you to feel the comradery you had when you served.

Julianno Scaglione, a 21 year veteran of the Canadian Army, is the owner of the new to Fall River area business, (located near the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre). He has been in the fitness industry since 2006. Juilanno had this to say about why he is so passionate about fitness.

“Being a soldier really put me on a path of wanting to understand my body and make it better,”

He is a certified personal trainer with the Nova Scotia Fitness Association and has various courses, certificates, a diploma in Fitness and Nutrition.

Julianno instructed fitness courses and designed training programs for junior leaders and officers. He organized, ran and competed with a bodybuilding team at 4 Engineer Support Regiment in Gagetown. Julianno was also a brand ambassador for two supplement companies.

As serving member he can work with clients on evenings and weekends.

“For My Own Path, Health and Wellness Inc., the target market is young people that want to join the Forces and veterans that need help with their fitness, mental and emotional health,” he said.

“I take a mentored approach to training,” he said. “I don’t want you in here every day just to pay me money. We will get you set up with a program where there are things you can do on your own as well.”

“By the end of your time with me, I want you to learn enough that you don’t necessarily need me anymore.”

Scaglione moved operations from N.B. to Fall River in March and built his facility in a garage that is 30’ by 17’ with 16 foot ceilings.

“It’s not a conventional gym, it is a one-on-one training facility.” said Scaglione.

They will be running outdoor combat fitness camps for anyone who wants to join the Canadian Armed Forces or anyone who wants a challenge. Contact them at the info below if interested.

Scaglione said “It’s not restricted to military, that’s just where my specialty lies.”

 “When I get a client in here, the first thing I do is look at their body symmetry and assess where their imbalances are. Then we develop a program specific to that person to get them back in line or in line if they’ve never been in line.”

He is focused on young people due to an influx of recruits whose bodies were not prepared for the stresses of military life and became injured on training. This has a negative impact on the CAF and the recruit and can lead to a loss in confidence and a decline of the individual’s mental wellbeing.

“It boils down to younger people not being outdoors as much as we were when we were younger,” he said. “When we get them into the Military and we’re expecting them to carry 40 to 80 pounds of gear on their back, with a weapon, and now they’re in boots, it can be a real shock to the system.”

“It’s important to have a progressive training regime and get your body prepared for the stresses of military life.”

My Own Path is very much about community and fundraises for many different causes. Among those are: VETS Canada, Wounded Warriors, Soldier On, an emotional support dog for a child with Down’s Syndrome; and a new initiative Hunt for Heroes Out Doors out of Fredericton NB.

My Own Path, Health and Wellness Inc. also has supplements from trusted companies with something for everyone.

For more information on My Own Path, Health and Wellness Inc. join their private Facebook page by searching for “My Own Path, Health and Wellness Inc.” and requesting to join. You can also check out their website at: Or contact Julianno by email at: