New virtual pet well-being platform launches in Nova Scotia

A new pet care platform has launched in N.S. from TELUS Health MyPet. (TELUS Health photo)

NOVA SCOTIA: A new, virtual care platform for pet owners in Nova Scotia has launched.

MyPet, from TELUS Health, is an ideal option for questions about pet behaviour, training, weight management and nutrition, life stage care or preventive care, says information from the company.

A release from TELUS Health says Nova Scotia is currently experiencing a severe veterinary shortage.

With only 449 vets across the province and a fantastic growth in pet adoptions due to the pandemic, many dog and cat owners have been put on waiting lists for vet appointments, waiting as long as four weeks to access the pet advice they need.

MyPet launched on Sept. 26. It introduces a new solution to this problem that will help Nova Scotian pet owners get wellbeing support directly from a registered veterinary technician from the comfort of their own homes.


TELUS Health MyPet, a virtual care platform for dogs and cats, will makes its debut in Atlantic Canada offering Wellbeing Consultations for behavioural and health maintenance concerns, covering everything from training, grooming, life stage care and nutrition, to dental hygiene and general wellbeing.

The new service, available through a smartphone app, will help relieve some of the pressure on in-person vet clinics, all while giving a faster and more convenient option for pet owners to get the assistance they need. 

Dr Ko Arman, Director of Virtual Veterinary Care for TELUS Health, said a physical visit to a vet clinic is not always required, and is not always possible for those in remote areas.

“They can also be especially difficult for owners whose pets do not travel well in cars or whose pets get very anxious in clinics (like my own cat and dog!),” said Dr. Arman in an interview with The Laker News. “In fact, nearly 75 per cent of telemedicine appointment issues can be resolved solely through virtual veterinary care, without hands-on care being required.

“Wellbeing consultations with vet techs are an affordable option to help cat and dog owners ease their minds when wondering if they’re doing the right thing for their pet, or simply seeking preventative care advice on overall health.

“MyPet is an ideal option for questions about pet behaviour, training, weight management and nutrition, life stage care or preventive care.”


Dr, Arman said it’s important to note that MyPet’s wellbeing vet technicians cannot diagnose illnesses or prescribe medications.

“For pet owners concerned about new symptoms, or suspecting their pet may need medication, or a change in dose to a current medication, the best option is to consult their local veterinarian,’ said Dr, Arman.

MyPet’s launch in Nova Scotia has been built upon the experience of previous launches in British Columbia and Ontario over the last year, providing a tried-and-true platform to Nova Scotia dog and cat owners, said Dr, Arman.

“The vet techs behind MyPet’s wellbeing consultations are also accredited with 3+ years of experience, meeting all the requirements set out by provincial veterinary technician associations.,” said Dr. Arman. “They are also specifically trained to provide video-based care.”


The release about its launch said that MyPet serves as an excellent complement to in-person visits to a clinic. Dr. Arman was asked how it does that.

“While it doesn’t replace in-person physical exams or tests by veterinarians, TELUS Health MyPet supports owners with preventative care and non-emergency situations,” Dr. Arman said.

“The platform also helps pet owners avoid long wait times at some vet offices, thereby preventing some of the extra expenses associated with in-person care for non-emergency situations.”

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