The ribbon is cut after the announcement. (Submitted photo)

TRURO: Agropur is pleased to announce a major investment of $34 million for its ice cream and frozen novelties plant in Truro.

In a release, Agropur said the investment will be used to redefine the space within the plant and will support the development of several business opportunities for Agropur, especially in a growing market. This commitment demonstrates Agropur’s ambition to solidify its presence and pursue further business development in the Atlantic region.

The investment being made confirms Agropur’s commitment to support the economic vitality of the Atlantic region, the province of Nova Scotia, and the town of Truro.

The economic impacts will be significant: the construction will employ members of the community, the creation of high-quality jobs and the spin-offs from a larger payroll will all make a difference in the region.

With this investment, the Truro installation will proudly be one of Agropur’s Centers of Excellence for extrusion-type frozen products.

Dedicated to seizing strategic business opportunities, Agropur is strengthening the production of a fast-growing product in the food sector.

In addition to better defining the space in the plant, the investment will allow the creation of a new extrusion line for value-added innovation in the premium novelties segment.

Many exciting business opportunities will be developed with this addition and the expertise of the Truro plant team.

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce a major investment in the Truro Plant, the largest plant capital investments made in Canada for the last five years.

“This confirms the importance of the Atlantic region for Agropur and our commitment to remain a major player in the region and to pursue the opportunities it presents,” said Jeannie van Dyk, Vice-President of Agropur’s Board, and director for the Atlantic region.

“This investment demonstrates a significant commitment to Atlantic Canada’s agriculture sector.

“It also supports well-paying stable jobs right here in rural Nova Scotia while creating new employment opportunities,” affirmed Greg Morrow, Minister of Agriculture of Nova Scotia.

“The town of Truro welcomes with enthusiasm Agropur’s major investment in the centre of excellence of its ice cream plant, located in the Truro Business Park. 

“This investment certainly contributes to the economic development of our town and sends a strong signal that Truro is a great place to invest.” said Bill Mills, Mayor of Truro.

“The Truro ice cream plant is known for its expertise in dairy processing and the production of frozen treats, and we are very pleased to be able to innovate in this area.

“Several new projects will be possible because of this investment.” confirmed Dominique Benoit, Senior Vice President Institutional Affairs and Communications at Agropur.