A passion for caring drives Holland Road student Emily Peacock

FLETCHERS LAKE: A passion for caring is what drives Emily Peacock and her willingness to help others.

The Holland Road School Grade 4 student recently did a project at the Fletchers Lake school that saw her collect enough items to fill 10 care packages. They were filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes, tissues, and other items, and then delivered them to Adsum House.

“I was passionate about helping and caring for others,” said Peacock on April 24. “I thought I should make some care packages for the homeless.”

Peacock said it has made her feel good.

“I feel happy and proud at what I did,” she said. “They really appreciated what I did.”

She said Adsum House was really appreciative of her efforts.

“They were really excited and very happy,” said Peacock.

Genius Hour sees students allotted 20 per cent of their class time to work on whatever project they were inspired to create. In Ms. Elliott’s class, Peacock was passionate about caring so that’s where the inspiration for the care packages for the homeless came in. Students have an hour a week to work on the Genius Hour project.

“I was passionate about caring, helping and being kind so that’s where my idea came from,” she said.

Peacock said her friends were giving her lots of high fives and pats on the back.

“They were happy with what I did,” she said. “It means a lot. I feel really good.”

Asked if she may do a similar project in the future, Peacock answered without hesitation.

“Yes, probably,” she said.

She thinks other kids her age should do the same.

“I think they should because it makes the people who are homeless think somebody actually cares about them,” said Peacock. “I think it would be great if other kids did it too.”