MAIN PHOTO: Premier Iain Rankin wants Nova Scotians to stay home to curb the COVID19 spread. (Communications N.S. Photo)

HALIFAX/FALL RIVER: The Department of Health and Wellness answered a pair of questions that The Laker News had on our list to ask at recently held COVID19 briefings, but felt they were better asked to the COVID media line.

Residents in the Waverley/Wellington and East Hants area sent questions to us about paramedic students not being able to get the vaccine yet and about the gathering limit and how golfers can play, but families of three can’t see their neighbours.

For the question on the gathering limit, Heather Fairbairn, communications spokeswoman with the COVID19 media line, said while golfers play in “foursome,” the same gathering restrictions would apply.

“Unless the golfers are from the same household or small household grouping, physical distancing would be required,” she said. “The gathering limit is currently the people you live with.

“Smaller households with one to two people can socialize with one or two additional people, but they must be the same one or two people all the time.”

She said while it may seem unfair that a household of two or fewer people can only engage with up to two others without physical distancing, they encourage those people to keep the two people consistent.

“As Dr. Strang has said several times, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should,” said Fairbairn. “We know the restrictions can be challenging – especially for parents and young children, but we encourage them to be creative.

“There can be fun ways to play and maintain important social connections with physical distancing.”

On the paramedicine students not getting the vaccine, Fairbairn said:

“Earlier in the roll-out many health profession students who were providing direct patient care as part of clinical learning placements were offered the vaccine,” said Fairbairn. “For those that weren’t yet doing a practical placement at that time will be able to get the vaccine based on their age profile.”

She said all Nova Scotians who want to receive the vaccine will have their first dose by the end of June.

What should Nova Scotians take away from the tone of the COVID-19 briefing on April 30? Both Premier Iain Rankin and Dr. Strang answered with few words having to be said by either.

“I’ll be short,” said Dr. Strang. “Take it seriously.”

The Premier was also quick and to the point.

“I’ll be short as well,” he said. “Stay home.”