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EAST HANTS/WAVERLEY: Nine of the 67 people RCMP have charged for Health Protection and Emergency Management Act violations in relation to COVID-19 since Dec. 1, 2020 are from the Lower Sackville; Musquodoboit; East Hants; and Waverley areas.

In a release on May 3, Cpl. Chris Marshall, spokesman with N.S. RCMP, said seven people were charged under the Emergency Management Act and 60 people were charged under the Health Protection Act.

“The majority of tickets issued were to individuals who did not self-isolate or follow social distancing requirements,” said Cpl. Marshall. “Other tickets were issued to a business and individuals who did not comply with a provincial closure order.”

When asked how the break down looks more locally for The Laker News coverage area), Cpl. Marshall said it looks like this: four were charged in the Waverley area (see story: https://thelaker.ca/police-charge-four-in-waverley-for-violating-health-protection-act/ )

Three charged were for incidents in East Hants.

One was charged from the Musquodoboit Harbour region.

One was charged for violations from Lower Sackville.

Cpl. Marshall said 18 people were charged within the Halifax District RCMP area; 25 were charged within the Southwest Nova District RCMP area and 24 were charged within the Northeast Nova District RCMP area, which includes East Hants.

He said more than 30 percent of all charges laid by the RCMP under the Health Protection and Emergency Management Acts since the pandemic began have been on people between 20 and 24 years of age.

“With recent reports of large gatherings, police are reminding the public that enforcement of provincial regulations will continue,” said Cpl. Marshall. “Anyone in attendance of restricted gathering can face fines.”

Cpl. Marshall said the RCMP thanks Nova Scotians for their continued support and to the vast majority who are adhering to the directives outlined by government to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“We ask people to continue protecting their communities by reporting crime and suspicious behaviour to police, and by adhering to the directives outlined by government to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” he said.