(RCMP file photo)

WINDSOR JUNCTION: A pair of vehicle thefts, several alleged assaults, and a break-and-enter have kept police busy in the Windsor Junction/Lakeview/Lower Sackville area during the past few days.

According to the Crimemapping website—a tool used by Halifax District RCMP and Halifax Regional Police Partners in Policing to show residents where crime is happening—there was a lot of activity in the community.

Police are investigating an alleged assault on Judy Anne Court in the Lower Sackville area on May 9.

RCMP responded to a break-and-enter on Charleswood Drive in Windsor Junction on May 10.

Police are also investigating two thefts of vehicles from two separate locations near Charleswood Drive, with one occurring May 9 and one the next day, May 10.

RCMP are investigating an alleged assault that took place near the intersection of Cobequid Road and Windsor Junction Road in Windsor Junction on May 7.

Police were informed of an alleged assault that took place May 10 on Highway 2, near the Petro Canada/Fall River roundabout.

Crime Mapping is an interactive site which will be updated daily at midnight with incidents of five specific crime types – robberies, assaults, break and enters, thefts of vehicles and thefts from vehicles. These crime types were selected given that people can take steps to protect themselves from becoming a victim if armed with information about what’s happening in our community.

HRM Crime Mapping allows you to search crime types by street name or community, and to view the selected crime types one at a time, several at a time or altogether by three different time frames – yesterday, the past four days and the past week. To ensure privacy, the crimes are plotted on the mid-point of the closest block and are not associated with specific civic addresses so as not to identify a person or an address.

The information on HRM Crime Mapping is based on police reports that are potentially subject to change as an investigation progresses. Further, HRM Crime Mapping plots only selected crimes and does not represent a complete set of police data.

It can be found online by clicking here .