BEAVER BANK: The Beaver Bank-Kinsac Community Centre (BBKCC) is sending out a plea to the community for volunteers.

In a notice sent out and posted to the BBKCC’s Facebook page and website, the volunteer board asks that people from the community consider stepping up to assist them.

“The BBKCC is run by a board of directors who volunteer a great amount of hours to keep this facility open for the community,” the notice said. “They plan and run many events throughout the year.”

The notice continues saying there are only 15 members on the board, which makes for many hours volunteering by those members.

“What we are looking for are members from the community who would like to volunteer for some of the events to take some of the work load off the board members,” the notice explained. “We know there are people out there who don’t want to be on the board but don’t mind helping out now and then, and there are a few who already do.”

The BBKCC would like to be able to make a list of people who they can call or send an event list to and they can inform them if they can assist. Some of the events they put on during the year include: New Years Eve Dance; Breakfast with the Easter Bunny; Canada Day; Chase The Ace; Remembrance Day; and Breakfast with Santa, just to name a few.

The notice says if people are interested and wish to put their name on the list they can call the BBKCC at 902-865-5114 or email

“The bigger the list the more work that can be shared around,” said the notice in ending.