Bike lane coming for Fall River

Councillor Streatch calls unanimous support for bike lane a “good news story.”

FALL RIVER: A 1.5 kilometre bike lane will be created along Fall River Road and down to Lockview Road as part of the Fall River water project.

The bike lane, which came to HRM Regional Council on Jan. 16, was unanimously approved by councillors. The lane, which will see the road from Blue Hill Road past the Snow Centre and down Lockview Road to where it meets up with the trail widened, will cost $402,241. Dexter Construction was the lowest bidder.

The bike lane route (in purple line). (HRM photo)

“It will be happening at the same time that we’re doing work here on the Fall River water system,” said Councillor Steve Streatch in an interview with The Laker. “The synergies and economies of scale really makes sense. I think it will be a great addition to the community. I think it will be wonderful as to trail connectivity at both the Blue Hill trail and the trail at Lockview Road.

“I think it will increase the enjoyment of the area for all bicyclists.”

He said $400k is a “substantial investment” in a bike lane in a small, but quickly growing community such as Fall River.

“The fact we were able to do this as quickly as possible, and that council unanimously voted for it not only bodes well for our district, but also shows commitment to the active transportation component of the Mobility Plan,” he said. “I think it’s a good news story and I can’t wait for this spring to see the water system and bike lane installation come to fruition.”

Streatch said community consultation was not required for the bike lane.

“This is a partnership with Halifax Water, and to see it move this quickly was a significant vote of confidence not only for our area, but also HRM’s mobility plan,” he said.

While the bike lane was dubbed “just a painted line” it is more than that, said Streatch.

“I think someone misunderstood that,” he said when asked about it. “It’s part of the road. The asphalt will be extended and lines will be painted. The road will indeed be widened.

“This is a very important step. I hope it’s the first step in many as it relates to bringing greater bicycle safety in the area.”