Business Feature: Glow Event store has all your Halloween tricks and treats

BAYERS LAKE: If you’re looking to get your scare on, then the Glow Halloween store has all your ghoul and goblins need for this Halloween.

While some have thought COVID19 may put a kibosh to any talk of door-to-door trick or treating on Oct. 31, it’s full steam ahead for the Glow Halloween in Bayers Lake, said Paula Beck-Mackenzie, the protector of all things scary at the store.

The Laker News had a tour of the facility in Bayers Lake and saw the many variety of Halloween costumes; makeup; clown themes; and outside and indoor décor that they’re selling to make Halloween the spookiest ever.

It’s a lot of work to get the stores in tip top shape for the month of October.

“We do two big stores and we put them both together within 3-4 weeks” said Beck-MacKenzie. “It’s a lot of long days and nights/ We have a crew that comes into setup the racking; others that price; then more to setup merchandize and decor.

“We take great pride in the way it looks right now knowing how much work we put into it. I have a fabulous staff. Both stores are great.”

The main thing for Beck-Mackenzie is that everyone enjoys what they do.

“It’s a lot of work for a short season, but it’s a lot of fun as well.” she said.

One of the highlights of outdoor scares is a horse rider that speaks to you about getting your soul as you walk in front of it. It has three different sayings, which if not expecting it can give you a spook. It did me.

Beck-MacKenzie is anticipating the Halloween season to not be impacted, sale wise, because of COVID19.

“ Halloween is still happening but due to Covid it is just being done a different way. Our staff have been helping people plan safe ways to celebrate the holiday. “

Some of the ideas that Beck-Mackenzie suggested were as follows:

Set up grave stones in the yard and hide candy around for the kids to hunt like Easter eggs. Have a neighbourhood costume parade where the route is predetermine and marked to maintain social distancing . “One of my favourite ideas is the Fairy Tale Forest- Plan a path through neighbouring woods or park and let it with glow sticks , flash lights and more. Line the trail with Halloween props, decor , candy and surprises.It will be a winner with the kids.

One of the more popular costumes and Halloween related items are from the hit NETFLIX TV series, Tiger King. Others they have include Penny Wise, Scream, among others.

Beck-MacKenzie said the store has the hottest kids costume available.

“The most popular costume for kids is the inflatable T-Rex,” said Beck-MacKenzie. “That’s really popular.”

She said they have an assortment of makeup and hairspray, and even fireworks on sale for Oct. 31. They can design a firework show just for you as well.

“There’s something for everybody here,” she said. “You can come in and we can get you something from your baby to your grandmother. We’ll find a costume for them.”

Halloween 2020 falls on a Saturday Night, Full Moon, a blue moon and there is an extra hour because the clocks go back. How can we not celebrate.

The Glow Event Store in Bayers Lake is open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 12PM- 5:00 PM.