COLUMN: Ask the Vet with Dr. Juanita


Melanie Roy asked four questions for Dr. Juanita last month. She answered two in our column posted on May 25 on our website. Here are the two remaining questions:

Melanie asked: Why does my dog chew/eat sticks? he destroys them as if they were food. (Might be why he has broken teeth)

Dr. Juanita answered: “Some dogs will chew different toys or objects. Every dog is an individual this way. It does not mean they are lacking anything in their diet, it is usually just a preference.

“So, if your dog likes stick, see if you could try to switch him to chewing on rope toys. Soaking one in a broth or soup stock may help start him on chewing it.

“Again, there maybe some dental disease present which your vet is best equipped to assess”

Melanie asks: Why does my dog automatically start drooling when I arrive at the dog park? 

Dr. Juanita said: “Drooling whenever a pet is about to do something exciting can indicate happiness. Cats do this a lot when they find a nice lap to cuddle on or dogs when they are going somewhere exciting.

“Drooling in other contexts can mean different things, but I believe you dog is truly excited.”