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COLUMN: When we hear racist sentiments, we must challenge it

By Nancy Stapleton, a Fall River resident As a privileged white person, I can choose to turn off the news, stop scrolling through Twitter and pretend that what’s happening...

COLUMN: Ask the Vet – with Dr. Juanita

 ASK THE VET MAY 25 Fall River-area resident Melanie Roy sent in a few questions for Dr. Juanita to answer. In this column, she will answer two of the...

COLUMN: Talking about Trauma

By Shelley Clee For the record, I am not an expert on trauma. I do not have a degree in psychology or social work. I am, however, a parent...

COLUMN: Mental health resilience and the COVID19 crisis

By: Marybeth Fleming I am an Occupational Therapist with over 25 years experience. As a private occupational therapist, I am not involved in the direct...

COLUMN: Veterinary Medicine & COVID-19 – Let’s Work Together.

By Dr. Trevor Lawson You may have noticed a lot has changed these past few weeks; nothing is as it was yesterday.  This is for very good reason. 
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