COLUMN: Bill’s Blog with MLA Bill Horne – June 2020

By Bill Horne, MLA

To the Graduating Class of 2020

Congratulations and best wishes to all members of the Class of 2020 who are graduating from college, university, junior and senior high school.

Your school year did not end as you envisioned, but I hope this experience showed you how strong and adaptable you can be in the face of the unknown.  Stay strong and continue to persevere as you move on to new goals and opportunities.

Your graduation is a time to celebrate your achievements, anticipate future opportunities, and embrace a world of infinite possibilities.  Enjoy the journey ahead and remember what you and your fellow graduates of 2020 have experienced and overcome.  My congratulations and best wishes go with you.

From 2019 graduation.

Thank you to our Compassionate and Hardworking Community Volunteers

We have heard the phrase “We are in this Together” and I believe that this community spirit has brought Nova Scotia to a place where we can now safely open up our social circles as well as our businesses.

Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank has many individuals and groups who make our communities strong.  During these past few months, the caring and support for each other has continued.  I want to thank those who sewed masks and ear protectors, cleaned our community, provided food, recognized the many hero’s, and everyone else who took time to care for and support follow community members. 

Explore Nova Scotia and Support Local Business

Many of us may have been expecting to travel far-and-wide this summer. We would also normally welcome tourists from around the world – showcasing our famous Nova Scotian hospitality, natural beauty, history, world-renowned arts and culture, and the best food in the country. Unfortunately, many of these traditional plans are on hold for now due to COVID-19. As a result, we have to rely on each other.

This summer, hopefully you and your family will give our local businesses the support they need, while taking in everything our beautiful region has to offer. We hope you’ll pack up the car and plan an adventure filled staycation, featuring all the hidden gems and things you can’t believe you’ve never had a chance to experience – in a province we are lucky enough to call home.