Dear Residents,

I would first like to take the time to thank everyone for coming out to our Town Hall meetings. We had two separate meetings, one discussing Veterans Affairs on Sept. 14 and the other on Electoral Reform on Sept. 29. It was great to hear your views and suggestions on both of these topics. This will help us work towards finding solutions that work for you.

I am also pleased to report that on Aug. 16 I had the opportunity to travel to Bridgetown to take part in the Prime Minister’s announcement on Infrastructure in Nova Scotia. The Prime Minister announced that 238$ million would be allocated to Nova Scotia for water and transit initiatives throughout the province, including 3.9$ million being allocated to Fall River in order to extend water service from Windsor Junction to Fall River Road. This is a great victory for our community, and I am proud of the work and the partnership between all three levels of government. I would also like to personally thank both Bill Horne and Barry Dalrymple for their collaboration in this major project.

I am also pleased to report that I had the opportunity to go down to Lake Banook and meet with some constituents who were racing in the 2016 Canoe Kayak Sprint National Championships. I had the chance to talk to the athletes and ask them a bit about their races and congratulate them on their success. It is great to see there are so many young athletes from our riding involved in this sport.

In September I began a new initiative, the Constituency Youth Council. Young individuals, ages 15-24 from across our riding were invited to apply for one of the positions on the youth council. The council will meet several times per year and the members will discuss various issues related to youth, their community and their country. I am looking forward to our first meeting that will be taking place in the near future and to hearing what the young voices in our region are passionate about.

Finally, it is great to see we are back to normal circulation with the completion of our new bridge. I wish you safe and happy driving!

Kind Regards,

Darrell J. Samson, M.P.

Government Initiatives

Canada Child Benefit:


Our government sent out the first Canada Child Benefit cheques in July. As promised during the last campaign, this initiative will lift almost 300,000 children out of poverty and will help parents with the growing costs of raising a family. This is an income-based, tax-free benefit targeted to the families that need it the most. To find out how much you will receive through this benefit, visit


During the last election, Prime Minister Trudeau committed to reopening the nine Veterans Offices that were closed by the previous government, as well as open an additional office in BC. Our government is delivering on those promises and has already started reopening these offices, including the one that was closed in Sydney, NS.


The Government is taking action now, with immediate investments over the next two years to improve access to affordable housing for more than 100,000 low-income individuals and families, including seniors.

Investments in social infrastructure will build stronger communities─ it’s about investing in people, promoting inclusive growth and lifting more Canadians – especially children and seniors – out of poverty.

The Government has also restored the eligibility age for Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) benefits to 65, which will put thousands of dollars back in the pockets of Canadians as they become seniors.

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