Dance N.S. to partake in Dance Week/Day

The Laker News logo as created by Liane Rogers. (Healey photo)

HALIFAX: Dance Nova Scotia is thrilled to announce its participation once again this year in national Dance Week and International Dance Day, happening across Canada beginning Friday April 21 and culminating with International Dance Day on Saturday, April 29.

Started in 1982 by the International Dance Committee of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute, International Dance Day is a celebration of dance for everyone, and an opportunity to learn about the social, physical, and emotional benefits of dance.

Included within the Nova Scotia Dance Week is the “Dare to Dance” school challenge.

“With dance, everyone should be able to feel its positive impact,” says Dance Nova Scotia Executive Director Kenney Fitzpatrick.

“With Dare to Dance, we are challenging students, teachers, and even admin, to get creative and find 20 minutes within Dance Week for your school to dance. And when we say school, we mean the whole school.”

Each year an inspiring member of the Nova Scotia dance community is chosen as dance week/day ambassador, and Dance Nova Scotia is looking to the community for their nominations.

Dance Ambassadors become the face of the Nova Scotia Dance Week and Dance Day, and can be any age, any ability, any discipline, and from any community.

Through the story of their love and passion of dance we encourage others throughout Nova Scotia to embrace dance for all of its many benefits.

To nominate, visit Dance NS online at tell us why your nominee deserves to be the 2023 Nova Scotia Dance Week and International Dance Day Ambassador.

Deadline for Nominations: March 6, 2023.