Dr. Robert Strang speaks (file/Communications N.S. Photo)

ENFIELD: The Chief Medical Officer of Health for the province is reassuring the East Hants community that while they’re aware of the COVID19 cases in the community, if everyone does their part to ensure their safety there’s no greater risk of them contracting it.

At the press conference on April 1 in Halifax, Dr. Robert Strang announced 26 new cases including an additional staff member at the Magnolia in Enfield. The total is now at 173 cases.

Dr. Strang answered two questions posed by The Laker News. The first centered around risk in the community.

 “I think there is a risk in any community across N.S.,” Dr. Strang said. “I think we have to understand that COVID19 may be there. We have cases of COVID19 in a number of communities across Nova Scotia.”

He said all the public health messaging is the same to avoid mass gatherings; physical distancing; stay at home

“That’s important for everyone to understand,” he said. “I don’t want people to come to a false conclusion about risk by comparing themselves between one community and another community.

“When public health is aware of cases we move in and we’ll take action to identify close contacts, and if necessary, we’ll push out information more broadly in a community. We need to pay attention to this and have an equal level of concern across the province.”

Dr. Strang said all Nova Scotians should be following the same advice—follow the prevention measures

“There’s nothing special in those communities (Enfield/Elmsdale) that doesn’t apply across the whole province,” he said.