Feed N.S. gets $10k boost from Atlantic Gold’s parent company

(Feed N.S. photo)

MUSQUODOBOIT VALLEY: The parent company of a resource company mining for gold in the Musquodoboit Valley has made a huge donation to assist those in need across N.S.

In a recent tweet, Feed Nova Scotia thanked St. Barbara, which owns Moose River-based Atlantic Gold, for a donation of $10,000 recently to support food banks across N.S. St. Barbara Ltd. is one of Australia’s largest ASX listed gold producers and explorers.

“We’re thrilled with their generosity and excited to build a relationship with the company as part of their commitment to support Nova Scotians,” said Feed N.S. in the tweet.

The July 24 tweet from Feed N.S. was retweeted/quoted by Atlantic Gold and St. Barbara. They were each retweeted by area councillor Steve Streatch to his followers.

For their part, Atlantic Gold is equally as thrilled to team with Feed N.S.

“We are so happy to support the good work of Feed Nova Scotia and look forward top building a long-lasting partnership,” they said in their tweet.