(Healey file photo)

BEAVER BANK: The month of March saw firefighters in Waverley, Fall River, Grand Lake, Beaver Bank, and Wellington responded to 60 calls for service.

Station 41 (Waverley) had 15 calls, led by five motor vehicle collisions. They were also paged to three medical assists; three medical assists – assist ambulance; two cancelled on scene calls; one services not required; and one cancelled on route.

For Station 43 (Grand Lake) they responded to three calls, with one each for motor vehicle collision; water/ice rescue; and a medical assistance.

Station 42 (Wellington) responded five calls for the month, led by three medical assists. They also had one smoke/odour investigation and one unlisted call.

Station 47 (Goffs) were paged out seven times, led by two fire alarm activation’s and two motor vehicle collisions. They also responded to one special service call, one medical assist, and had one cancelled on route.

For Station 48 (Beaver Bank), responded to 12 calls, with nine of them being medical assistance calls. They had one investigation call; one motor vehicle collision; and one electrical wires sparking.

In Fall River, Station 45—a career station during the weekday hours between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.—they responded to 18 calls, with half of those being medical assistance calls. They also responded to six motor vehicle collisions; one smoke/odour investigation; had one cancelled on scene call; and had one cancelled on route call.