Marybeth Fleming by her tree. (Submitted photo)

OT Health sponsors tree at Forest of Trees

fundraiser for N.S. Mental Health

WELLINGTON: A local woman thought it was only fitting that as an alumnus from St. Francis Xavier University and a small business owner herself to step up and support the Mental Health Foundation.

Marybeth Fleming, who operates OT health, sponsored a tree at the fundraiser for the foundation which is on display at the Advocate Forest of Trees event underway in Halifax. The bidding for the tree was to conclude on Nov. 27. However, the event continues at The Doyle in Halifax until Dec. 5.

Fleming explained she came up with the Hail and Health name for her tree and it was fitting.

“I asked St F.X. alumni as a partner because there is a great support structure in X alum and they promised to host a ball decorating gathering for the students,” she said. “This gathering, with social distancing and mask wearing and hand washing rules followed, was to promote mental health with a fun outlet prior to exams.

“Without mental health you don’t have full health. So, health was important in the name.”

Ornaments adorned with St. F.X. filled this tree that OT Health’s Marybeth Fleming of Wellington sponsored. (Submitted photo)

She said with mental health a focus of her work regardless of the client’s injury.

“Mental health is one’s ability to manage day to day ups and down while maintaining a functional balance with work activities, home activities, self care activities and other,” said Fleming. “Without said balance illness and subsequent decreased function and success at these activities creeps in.

“In a student’s life it typically is in a world of extremes. Extremely busy, extremely lonely away from home while it can be extremely successful as well.”

Fleming said with COVID19 she feels it is extremely different for all students and so wanted to normalize it to a degree.

“It will now be an annual event I am told because it achieves these results,” said Fleming. “The Mental Health Foundation supports mental wellness programs.

“I believe in their purpose and because of Covid their ability to fundraise is different. Therefore, I felt I could help. And I love Christmas, so it was a great fit.”