“Life is Good” for Beaver Bank’s Gosbee

The album cover for Ian Gosbee’s fifth album. (Ian Gosbee image)

BEAVER BANK: Being a new parent has been an inspiration for Beaver Bank musician Ian Gosbee—even musically.

Gosbee just released his fifth album, ‘Life is Good’ on streaming platforms Spotify; Apple Music; Google Music; Amazon; and more. The title, funny enough, is credited to a saying from his wife.

“The title track and album name I give credit to her as being new parents and everything she said, ‘Life is good’ and it just stuck in my head when I went in the studio,” said Gosbee.

He said ‘Life is Good’ and ‘Steal our joy’ are his favorite songs off the album as he winged it in the studio and wrote them on the spot.

‘Life is Good’ took him three to make following his previous album, ‘East Coast Road Trip.’

“This album and my last album are digital only,” said Gosbee. “My car and my computer don’t have a CD player in it, so I think it’s a sign of the times to go digital”

Gosbee records with John Murphy of Simple Productions in Lower Sackville.

“It took some time to get a full catalogue of music because I got married and had a son and the same with John,” he said. “So, our schedules didn’t align for awhile.”

He said the songs ‘Dance’ and ‘Goodnight, Goodbye’ were written on his son’s toy xylophone.

On ‘Life is Good’ Gosbee plays all the instruments as it makes it easy to lay down all the different instruments tracks like guitar, keyboard, drum, bass in one night. He then will come back and do good vocals and some lead guitar solos.

“I did this previously on different albums and those songs manage to be the ‘hits’ winning some awards,” he said.

What’s next?

“The next thing in the works is summer festivals, promotions for the new album and John is mixing my side project six song EP in the next few months as I write some new songs and work on the sixth album,” said Gosbee.