FALL RIVER: Lockview High students will be performing SHREK: The Musical from April 15-18. I took in a few rehearsals, and then got my chance to shine and earn my way on stage as a cast member.

In their first rehearsal after March break—and three weeks before the first show—director Erik Bauckman began the rehearsal getting the students in position and ready to do a pair of songs that are part of the finale.

Colin Durand is SHREK. (Healey photo)

Bauckman wasn’t impressed with the emotion of Shrek—played by the talented Colin Durand—so he gave me my time to shine and see if I was the one to take on the role of Shrek, and had a career in musical acting. You know, should this journalism thing not work out.

VIDEO: Reporter Pat Healey gets his chance

As I was moved into place, the other cast members looked around in bewilderment as Durand was replaced with me. I was even a bit shocked.

Some of the more surprised at the move was Aine Killeen who plays Princess Fiona; the bishop played by Max MacLennan; Evan Reid who is Lord Farquaad; and teacher Vanessa Turner.

Princess Fiona is played by Aine Killeen. (Healey photo)

With no practice and just a few minutes of taking in the rehearsal part that had them singing “I’m a believer” I took my place amongst the students who are part of the musical, presented through a special arrangement with Musical Theatre International (MTI).

The music began to play and I began to sing my little heart out as I did the best I could at performing. Or as some would say, mumbling the words.

One of the performers tries on the hat for her role. (Healey photo)

The cast then joined in the singing before Mr. Bauckman stopped us. He brought Colin back into the floor, and with a roll of his eyes thanked me for trying.

“If we have any opening or need you for one of the shows we’ll be in touch,” Bauckman said as he pointed me towards the stage exit.

It shows that I hadn’t put in the hard work to earn the part. But it’s not just the cast that is putting in long hours. There’s a lot of work going on behind the scene, from the musicians with Dina Burtt, to nailing down stage crew; make-up; and building the sets.

“I have a great team that is helping out with the show,” said Bauckman. “It’s absolutely amazing. I think we’re going to have a fantastic show.”

He said the planning for the show began early in the school year. They chose SHREK as they felt it would be something people would want to see.

“In the couple of months before the show I spend more unpaid hours then paid hours in the school,” said Bauckman. “It’s so much work, people that you don’t even see. People building sets, people painting, getting costumes, altering costumes, making props. There’s so much that goes into a show like this. It takes a village.”

It was all smiles getting fitted for her costume (Healey photo)

When asked the tough hard hitting question on what he thought of my performance, Bauckman left the door open for me down the road.

“I really would love to use you in one of the shows,” said Bauckman with a smile. “We’ll keep on talking about it and get you in for a couple more rehearsals.”

So there might still be a chance I make it!

Tickets for LHS SHREK: The Musical can be purchased at the school office. They are available for $15 adult; $12 student/senior.

More information can be found at the Lockview website.

Two of the performers watch as others do their part. (Healey photo)