Modular classroom structure to be built at Georges P. Vanier Jr. High

Advanced Education Minister Brian Wong said news of GPV getting a modular structure tor epalce the portables outside is exciting. He spoke via Zoom with The Laker News. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER:  A modular classroom structure will be constructed this summer connected to Georges P. Vanier Junior High School, the province, and Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE) confirmed.

In a letter home to parents, Elwin Leroux relayed the “exciting news” for the GPV school community.

He confirmed a 12-classroom modular structure will be built on the property of the school on Fall River Road.

The classroom addition will replace the portable classrooms that have currently been in use for the past year or so in the parking lot at the left side of the school. Preparing the site will begin in the coming weeks, Leroux said.

Acting Minister of Education (for the week ending May 6) Brian Wong spoke about the news during a zoom interview with The Laker News. Wong, MLA for Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank, is also Advanced Education Minister.

“I’m excited about this news for our area,” said Minister Wong. “As we know the Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank areas have become overcrowded in some of its schools.”

He said GP Vanier has four portables outside and they take up a massive footprint.

“What the advantage of the modulars are is that they will contain the footprint better to give more space and parking outside, but for the student experience is really the number one thing. Students will feel that they are part of the school community.

“There going to be in self-contained units and classrooms where there is ventilation and heating systems, there are accessible ramps. It will make them feel like they are back in the school community instead of being in a portable.”

Wong did not know the cost for constructing the modular structure at GPV. HTB in Beaver Bank is not among the schools getting the modular structures at this time.

He wasn’t sure exactly how it will connect to the building yet as the process to design them is underway with HRCE.

“They’re still working out those plans,” he said. “


Wong said during the election campaign last summer, the portable classrooms at GPV were among the pet peeves people he spoke to had.

“This is a good solution to a problem to make the student experience better,” said Wong.

In his letter, Leroux assured parents that any work will be taking place outside of instructional time, so it won’t interfere with their children’s education.

He said the portables are expected to be removed in early July and construction on the new modular structure will begin immediately after.

It’s anticipated they will be ready for the return to school year in September.