Information from Angela Conrad’s campaign Facebook page

Angela Conrad is the Conservative candidate for Sackville Preston Chezzetcook. She lives with her spouse David and their 3 children in Beaver Bank.

Angela spent fifteen years as a marketing and design entrepreneur. After moving back into the private sector, she has come to realize that her true passion is helping people.

She is a problem solver at heart and if she doesn’t have an answer for you now, will find one. When important issues arise in the workplace, her colleagues count on her to champion the issue – all the way to the top. Angela is proud to be the voice that represents the people.

Angela has spent countless hours volunteering with local and international charities, on school trips, sports teams as well as political boards.

She serves in several capacities at her local church, and continues to support important social and community causes.

Angela Conrad is a true fiscal Conservative who is excited to implement Canada’s Recovery Plan with a focus on jobs, wages and our economy.

This election is about how we will get Canada back on its feet and rebuild our economy, our jobs, and our way of life. There is a clear choice: Canada’s Conservatives.

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Twitter: @angelaconrad