WAVERLEY: Students in Krista Ford’s Grade 5 class at Waverley Memorial School were sending a message that bullying is wrong on Stand Up Against Bullying Day on Sept. 15.

Among those students who were learning what bullying is and why it’s bad, and making posters to describe what one should do if bullying happens to them, were Xavier Paris, Miles Chute, and Austin Warren. They made a poster that said “If it happens to you, ignore and run away.” A person who was being bullied—ironically wearing a pink shirt—is shown running away from a “big, bad bully.”

“Everyone knows that bullying is the wrong thing to do,” said Miles, “so with this poster everyone knows they should just walk away if they’re being bullied.”

Ford said the students were discussing the ‘Right to Feel Safe’ alongside why bullying happens and what one can do if they see it taking place.

“We were learning what you can do if it happens to you and the strategies and how to show respect for all people,” she said.

She said all students were split off into groups to do various posters that were to be displayed throughout the school reminding students what bullying is and what they can do.

“We’re teaching the students this so they can teach others,” said Ford.

Students create their poster with the message on why bullying is bad. (Healey photo)
Students create their poster with the message on why bullying is bad. (Healey photo)

Ford said it’s key to get the message out to those in Grade 5 as their at an age that dynamics and friendships are changing. One main thing is that the students are getting older and starting to use technology.

“We want them to use technology safely and be safe on the school yard, at home, and online,” said Ford. “It’s very important that they understand everybody has the right to feel safe.

“If their right is being taken away from them, they need to speak out. If they don’t often a lot of times what happens is it goes unsaid and nobody knows about it.”

Miles was just happy to do his part.

“I’m just glad we can do something to stop bullying and bring awareness that it’s not right,” he said.

Xavier said the students many times people his age are getting bullied for no reason, just for being who they are and he didn’t like that.

“Some times people bully to get a laugh at others, or a cranky mood at home and they take it out on someone else,” he said. “But that’s not right.

“You have to treat everyone the same.”

Austin said it means a lot to contribute towards making their fellow schoolmates what to do if they feel they are being bullied. He explained why the three created the poster they did.

“If you ignore it and walk away, then the bully isn’t going to get any laughs out of it and maybe he’ll see how wrong it was and stop,” said Austin.