Weekend trivia event on Village Green a success, say organizers

A young boy shows his mom answers he has written down for trivia in Waverley. (Healey photo)

WAVERLEY:  Organizers of a weekend trivia day on the Village Green in Waverley are happy with how the event went off.

The trivia fundraiser was put on by the Waverley Events Committee (which is part of the Waverley Community Association) and organized just about 10 days before it took place on June 18.

Justin Boudreau said there was a decent turnout of about 30 people under sunny skies for the trivia day. That total was made up of many families, middle age, and older folks with some youth as well.

“It was great to see everyone socializing with each other and having a great time doing so,” said Boudreau. “We did it because when we grew up around here, Waverley was buzzing with events like dances, gold rush and other fun things.”

He acknowledged that planning events can be tiresome and time consuming.

“Hosting those type of events for so long can be, and is exhausting,” he added. “So now were here to step up and take some of the responsibilities of putting on fun events together for the community.”

Boudreau said folks can expect to see a couple awesome events in the very near future, and the more people spread the word the more fun it will all be.

“We always want to be bigger and better, which will happen,” he said.

The organizers.