Laura Barrett is heading up the freshened up and re-branded Fall River Youth Action Team at the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre. Barrett spoke to about 15 people at a meeting on Jan. 18 about what YAT would involve. (Healey photo)

FALL RIVER: A group of youth in the Fall River will get to learn leadership skills as well as what it’s like to volunteer in the community with a re-freshened youth group.

The Fall River Youth Action Team (YAT) held a information meeting Jan. 18 in the Youth Room downstairs at the Gordon R. Snow Community Centre to a small, but interested crowd of 15 people.

Laura Barrett, Program Assistant and Lana McMullen, Community Recreation Coordinator, spoke during the short meeting about what their vision for YAT is. It would be a freshened up and re-branded group from the former D2Y group that took place at the Snow Centre for several years.

“The program is designed to help youth make new friends; socialize; get them out in the community,” she said. “It would be evolving from what D2Y (District 2 Youth) was.

McMullen said those putting in the time to run it want to get it going while the momentum is there.

“We want to action this soon,” said McMullen. “We don’t want to drag our feet.”

Participants do not have to attend every weekly meeting for YAT—the exact evening the meetings will be held is being worked on as Barrett works to put it on an optimal night for the majority of those involved.

“We want to be able to execute YAT so that we can find the passions and skill sets for those in Grade 7-9,” she said.

For more information on YAT or to sign your child up, please contact Barrett at