VIDEO: Plants stolen from WMES garden

UPDATE: The person returned some of the plants and some money this morning to the school with a note of apology. They thought it was free to the public.


WAVERLEY: The hard work and efforts of Grade 3 students and the garden club at Waverley Memorial School seems to be all for naught as the garlic plants have been stolen from the garden in front of the school.

Sara Wood said police have been notified of the 130 garlic plants going missing. She was made aware after a teacher made the discovery when he came to water it on his own time.

Wood said if the people who took the garlic plants see the video and this story, if they bring it back and just leave them at the doors to the school it would be greatly appreciated.

She said security video is being looked at as well. She was at the garden on Sunday and they were there, and she was going to harvest them on Friday July 27.

See the video for more from Wood.