Advertorial: The Highlander Spa makes you feel good and look sharp

The Highlander Spa makes you feel good and look sharp, as Reporter Pat Healey found out.

HALIFAX: If you want to make yourself feel good and get all those little aches in your body and feet dealt with, and your nails trimmed, there’s only one place in the HRM that can do all of that—The Highlander Spa and Lounge.

Recently, Reporter Pat Healey had the opportunity to spend a few hours being treated like a Rockstar at The Highlander Spa and Lounge, located in South End Halifax.

The trip to The Highlander Spa and Lounge (which I would describe as upscale) began with owner Bruce Herron coming to pick me up in the parking lot of the Fall River Dairy Queen in the companies Courtesy Shuttle.

Once we arrived, I was greeted inside by staff members who took my camera bag, my hat, and my coat to place in a safe and secure location while I was looked after.

Pat was very relaxed as he waited to get his pedicure, and didn’t have his cellphone nearby.

From the moment I walked in until I left, the staff were very courteous checking if I was okay, if they were hitting the right spots—oh and massage therapist Anthony did—if I needed any more water, and making sure I was comfortable as I soaked my feet in advance of my pedicure with Dominique.

At the lounge, I received a greeting package that included a hot washcloth I could take with me through the day, a bottle of water, and an iPhone screen cleaner. I quickly opened the iPhone screen cleaner and my phone was looking sparkly.

Soon, Anthony the massage therapist came and got me to get my day started with a massage. After asking some questions, and while we socially distance and wore masks, it was time for me to do what people do when they have massages, and strip down to what I was comfortable with. I then got on the massage bed and waited for Anthony to come in.

As Anthony worked away, some of the spots he was hitting was making me feel good as they were in knots. He even found some spots I was unaware that could pose issues down the road and worked on those. I had massages before, but never a full body massage. I was in heaven having my body worked on.

Once I was done there, Anthony took me to where I was to go next—and that was to visit Tyler the hair stylist one of two twin brothers who are employed at The Highlander Spa and Lounge. (Tyler I found out had been following me on Twitter for a short time before my visit).

A before photo with hair on Pat’s head.

I wasn’t quite sure what type of cut I wanted, and as I sat in the chair ready to let Tyler work his magic spell on my curly, long locks I decided. I was going to get it all cut off.

Well, that was what I thought. But then Tyler talked me into getting a hair cut like that of what he had, so I said what the heck and agreed. And about 30 minutes later my hair was cut like his. (I am not sure the style it’s called, but I know it looks good on me and has made people not recognize me at a few places I have gone since).

But on top of the hair cut, I was also getting my beard cut. For that I could take my mask off as Tyler put on a face shield, as the staff were diligent in following all the public health guidelines.

The hair is gone and Pat has a new look.

A short time later, my face was babyface. Besides the beard being shaved, I got some extra treatment of which I am not sure what it’s called. It felt good and involved some special cream.

While I waited for the pedicure to get all setup, and since I had a drive home already arranged, I let myself indulge and enjoyed a Garrison Brewing’s Blonde. It tastes much like my favourite, Dirty Blonde from Nine Locks. I took it with me when Dominique came to get me as she was ready to give my feet some of that royal treatment to make them feel good.

While I let my feet soak for some time in the pedicure container with water, and the chair vibrated as the massage worked on my back, I watched Dr. Tam give her daily update on the CBC News. I would have preferred a hockey game, but it was middle of the afternoon.

After about 10 minutes, Dominique came and then went to work making my feet look brand new and getting some old gunk (that’s what I’ll call it) off. She suggested I come back in a month for more, of which I will likely take her up on that advice.

Once done, I had to grab a group photo, of course as we socially distanced, and a photo of me with Dominique and Ashley, one of the other hairdressers at The Highlander Spa and Lounge. She was cutting the hair of another client when Tyler was making me look spiffy.

Group photo time.

One of the cool things I found during my stay was how Bruce, as the owner, would even be so involved with the clients and ensuring they were good and didn’t need anything.

As I headed out the door the businesses mantra “feel good look sharp” resonated with me, because that’s exactly how my afternoon at The Highlander Spa and Lounge made me feel. If it can me, it can you so go give them a try.

The Highlander Spa and Lounge is located at 1597 South Park Street, across from the Halifax Public Gardens. Its hours are Tuesday to Thursday 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.; Friday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. They’re closed on Mondays.

For more information, checkout their website at:; Facebook search for “The Highlander Spa Lounge”; Instagram @the.highlanderspa; and follow them on Twitter @highlanderspa.